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We offer Brass Pipe Fittings Brass Plumbing Fittings Brass Pipe Nipples Brass Plugs Brass pipe Fittings Brass Elbow Brass Union Brass Extension Brass Nipple Brass Reducer Brass Extension Piece Brass Sockets Brass Tee Brass Connector Brass Four Way Brass Stop Plug Brass Bib Cock Brass Filter Cock Brass Strainers Brass Nozzle Brass Flange Brass Plug Brass Cap Brass 3 PC Connectors Brass Sockets male female metric Pipe Fittings  Brass Gas Connector Nozzle male female Brass Hex Nut / Check Nut Brass Waste Complete Set Brass Reducing Hex Bush Brass Extension Reducer  Brass Tube Fittings Brass Plumbing fittings Brass Sanitary fittings Brass Sanitary Pipe fittings Brass Pipe Nipples red Brass Nipples Yellow Brass Pipe fittings Brass Pipes

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Features : We also devote to research and development of valves and hardware products. Supplying high quality with high  technical machinery equipment and experienced staff.
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